The Masterson House In Arizona - Queen Creek AZ
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The Masterson House In Arizona - Queen Creek AZ

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Hey whats up if you are "short on time" here is the short answer! Very False - No compelling facts exist. Please like us [TO THE RIGHT] if we saved you some time or gave you a chuckle. Or share our page with others.

There are 2 more answers the original for fun (what I like to think is funny is below) and a full factual account posted here on Arizona Homes will be listed after it with all the facts and pictures I collected on this investigation.

Masterson House - Death of a Ghost Hunter in Queen Creek AZ

Ok so you've watched all 7 seasons of Supernatural on Netflix and you have been spending your weekends browsing around the paranormal soup forums just looking for something to send a chill up your spine. And low an behold you have come across the story of the Masterson House in Queen Creek AZ. Well in the spirit of this hallows eve we have brought together the facts of the haunting "true" life ghost hunter story. Is it fiction or is there some shred of evidence that a paranormal investigator was actually killed while investigating this story.

Lets start with as a source for some information leading up to this film. Below is the "Death of a Ghost Hunter" film trailer.

This was a fictitious investigation On October 10 1982 the master family was murdered in their house. Their children Suzanne and others were supposedly murdered via a thing....a "Spooky" thing like a PIRATE GHOST!!!!!....Niblet! pundswagsouthparkhalloweenspecialwiththebandkorn:0()

For more opinions on this you can check out the syfy forums to hear more opinions.

Just my 2 cents here(Craig McConnel - a real estate writer - for the best real estate websites - not Rene the Arizona Real Estate Agent); but if YOU BELIEVE and you think God has been leading your heart to "just know there is more" maybe something is telling you hey wake up! Listen I don't know anything at all! But I believe that Jesus Christ has saved my life from endless anger freight rage and frustration. If he keeps popping up in your life please open your ears or hearts to His call. The Truth as I see it is better than any of the stories man can imagine. Read John 3:16-20 or just go to church this Sunday with an open mind that you may not know everything.

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What I found while researching this paranormal roomer about a spirit chaser or "ghost hunter" that according to a movie "based" on a "true story" was killed. There is some fact but most seemed to be weak at best. Here is what I found

To be released on October 31 st 2012 of course as our Halloween ghost story news feeds. Facts - November 1 2012 So basically there was a murder; it is un-clear if it was the whole Masterson family or just one member and the actual address is not on digital records. The only facts that were found when investigated were all fabrication. There is no residential address for a property or location of this Queen Creek Murder. This story is a hoax. We live in AZ and also searched public records as best we could and came up with nothing. Happy Hunting. To have the full investigation report sent to you on Halloween just like our face book page @ Arizona Homes

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